Glass Tree, San Michele Salentino

We can help you find and buy trulli, historical masserie, farmhouses, villas, land and any kind of property in Apulia. Our extensive knowledge of the real estate market allows us to guide you in the realization of projects with high architectural and business potential.

Glass Cube, Ostuni

One of our operational offices is located in Ostuni, from where we are able to directly coordinate and manage all the construction sites in Apulia. In particular, we deal with the construction, renovation and restoration of both historical and modern buildings, offering a turnkey service, from design to realization, closely following every stage.

Trulli Musone, Ostuni

Our architectural concepts are characterized by a unique blend of history, design and nature, creating a harmony between tradition and contemporaneity. One of our signature designs is the glass bioclimatic greenhouse that forms an integral part of the living area and houses a magnificent centuries-old olive tree.


Whether you are looking for a corner of paradise overlooking the sea or immersed in the countryside, Apulia is one of Italy’s most fascinating and sought-after regions, where nature and cultural heritage combine to create an ideal setting. Apulia is a region with strong appeal for both those seeking a unique vacation and those looking for a profitable real estate investment.